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Young Volunteers

We want young volunteersWe have started our 2014 Young Volunteering programme at Queen’s Mill.  Four Year 9 and Year 10 pupils from Castleford Academy helped to organise and manage a number of children’s activities at our recent Heritage Festival and Open Day on Saturday 12th July.   As well as arriving early to help set stalls up, one volunteer also had the role of event photographer for part of the day, and some volunteers stayed to help pack up afterwards.  All of the volunteers worked very hard at the mill for 5+ hours and they each demonstrated a number of key skills including fantastic team working and communication skills and enthusiasm throughout the day.  It is expected that all young people will gain a minimum of 20 hours volunteering at a number events and activities in 2014.

The programme is part of our ongoing partnership work with local schools, and in particular Castleford Academy, and it has already given volunteers the opportunity to develop a number of employability and business skills such as planning, time management, communication, team working and mentoring, as well as helping Castleford Heritage Trust to raise funds for future developments at Queen’s Mill.

As well as training, mentoring and supervision from a qualified business teacher, young volunteers will also receive a certificate of achievement, a skills portfolio and each is provided with a personal written reference detailing their achievements and skills (this can be used as evidence for future college, UCAS and employment applications).

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Pheobe Early Heather Smith Jordan and Jack
Phoebe (back left) Heather Jordan & Jack

Young volunteers are also members of Castleford Heritage Young People’s group (CHYPs) and the next meeting will take place in September 2014 to discuss future activities, events and other volunteering opportunities.   Members have already agreed to create their own photography display, as part of the mill’s art exhibition, at the open day on Saturday 13th September.

If you are interested in becoming a Young Volunteer, please email Alison Fender at .  You need to be aged between 13 & 18 years old and you will need parental permission to take part.  The next open day is Saturday 13th September at Queen’s Mill, Castleford from 10am-3pm and volunteers will be invited to arrive at 9:30am so they can be allocated roles and shown what to do.