Castleford Heritage Trust

Castleford Heritage Quilt

The quilt was an idea from Ruth Levi and Hazel Parks.  The idea being that everyone in Castleford could have a memory in embroidery on the quilt.   People had a four inch square to put their memory onto.  The memory could be anything from birth dates, anniversaries, work, people known years ago, deaths, buildings now no longer there, in short anything.  This was to be one large memory the people of Castleford.  This idea was supported by Castleford Heritage Trust.   A day was chosen in the then Bridge Arts on Sagar Street.  I myself knowing Ruth as a neighbour, came along and was soon hooked on the idea of the quilt.   People dropped into do a square or pick one up and take it home to do.  The squares came in thick and fast and soon the quilt started to grow.   Ruth's idea was that the people of Castleford had something to look at and things to remember.

Whenever the quilt is displayed at open days or events, people are interested to see what is on it and if they know anyone.  This idea was special to Ruth and Hazel.   They both work tirelessly for the Trust and care about the community of Castleford.  When Ruth became ill she handed the quilt to me to continue with.   I believe her idea was a wonderful one and I have continued to carry on with the sewing afternoon fortnightly on Fridays.  We still have dedicated people who like to sew and make things to sell in the CHT Craft Shop and raise funds for the Trust.

Ruth and Hazel's legacy stays with us always in the wonderful Heritage Quilt.  Many friendships have been made also by being together for an afternoon's sewing chat with tea and biscuits.  The community that Ruth wanted to preserve has continued.  People such as Ann Round, Claire Pouton and Sue Rockett, stalwarts at the sewing group and great friends at CHT.  We al hope to continue giving our time and friendship to the people of Castleford through the Trust and Mill projects.   I myself have spent a very happy time these past eleven years supporting the Trust and making some really good friends and hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

Janice Brooks - March 2018